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Digital Learning Environments powered by

Tailored Deployments

ITG knows that every school has a unique set of requirements. Whether you are looking to seamlessly expand your current solution or replace aging technology, ITG can scale your deployment to fit your budget and support your initiatives.

Versatle Platforms.

Unmatched Support.

Whether your school has adopted a Google Apps for Education based learning system, or uses a variety of applications in your curriculum, iTG can help assess, support and secure your environment from end to end.

ITG has partnered with

Read below to see how Google Apps and Chrome devices can revolutionize your Digital Learning Environment.


Quickly deploy and oversee 10 to 10,000 devices with the unique cloud-based management console


Lowest total cost of ownership - factoring in time, administration costs and durability.


Multiple layers of security built in—no antivirus software needed. 


Students can pick up any device and sign in for a totally personalized learning experience with their own classwork, apps, books and videos


At ITG we have witnessed firsthand how a Chromebook deployment can revolutionize how technology is used by students both inside and outside the classroom. Google Apps for Education make it possible for students of all age groups to collaborate in real time. Google Play for Education provides a suite of 100% free applications specific to age groups and subject areas. Most importantly, Chromebooks are an easy to learn, "headache-free" technology built for students and educators alike. 

The Facts.

#1 Selling Device in U.S. K-12

 More Chromebooks are sold than all other devices combined


Chromebooks activated in EDU every school day.

10 million+

Students worldwide using Chromebooks


3 year lower TCO than alternate PCs & tablets

41%  Lower device cost

74%  Lower device management and support cost

53%  Lower deployment cost


Reduction in staff time needed to manage devices


Reduction in time to deploy devices


Why Chromebooks through ITG?


With options for a variety of models and manufacturers that support the Chrome OS, we can help guage which products would support applications used in your environment.

Digital Learning Environments as a Solution

At ITG, we treat Digital Learning Environments as a holistic solution. With a strong understanding of applications and technologies used in education, we can assess the best way to integrate Chromebooks to create a seamless experience when using multiple platforms. 

Local Support

In addition to Google's remote support, ITG has options for onsite and on demand support. 

Additional Security Options

In a world with consistent malware and other cyber-attacks, we take the security of your student data extremely seriously. ITG provides options to boost your network's security in addition to the security already in place on each Chromebook. 


See how ITG can expand how technology is used in your classroom.

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