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If disaster hit your business today, would it be able to survive?

In case of a cyber-attack or natural disaster, backups done on tape or on internal systems may not be accessible or reliable. AutoRevive Cloud is a cloud based backup and recovery solution, avoiding the need to house infrastructure onsite. AutoRevive Cloud is monitored 24/7 by our team- so you don't have to.

AutoRevive Cloud is Business Continuity on Your Budget 

AutoRevive Cloud allows you to:


Get back to business as usual quickly. 


Fortify your data and your business.


Stop stressing over things that are out of your hands - with us as your one-stop-shop for Business Continuity.


Provided at a low fixed monthly fee.

​Fast, Dependable, Adaptable 

AutoRevive Cloud provides fast and dependable service through tier 1 backbone providers and multiple gigabytes of provisioned bandwidth capacity.

Petabyte storage potential on the backend accommodates increasing data growth.

Automatic backup to offsite storage system and monitored by ITG's dedicated, certified professionals.

AutoRevive Cloud is backed by Datto. In case of a malfunction, data can be restored as quickly as 6 seconds.

90% of issues can be resolved remotely. In case a failure is unable to be resolved remotely, our team is on call 24/7 to resolve the issue on site.

A Holistic, Comprehensive Approach to Backup


Combines software, storage saving de‐duplication, and offsite replication.


No per‐ server or per‐application licensing fees. 


ITG's AutoRevive Cloud team monitors evolving compliance requirements and provides appropriate updates. 


No customer software purchase required. 

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